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Staff Meals

For those feeding a group and looking for an alternative to the standard box lunch fare, we offer the staff meal. Here, staff meals are designed and priced after the meal a restaurant would provide its staff before service. In spirit, and over time, the staff meal has become, for restaurateurs, a great way to look after their staff properly by heeding this adage: “Keep your staff as happy and content as possible if you want them to perform for you.”

The staff meal also afforded the entire group an opportunity to be together for a bit during the long working day and night, with the potential of building relationships and camaraderie between them.

The staff meal is customarily one dish, served in copious quantities, from which everyone helps themselves. Nothing fancy, these meals are typically simple, creative, well-rounded, delicious and inexpensive. In this spirit, we offer our version of staff meal for your consideration.

To provide you with high quality and generous portions for the price, we ask for a minimum order of 25, and the selection of one dish. We do allow minimal changes, substitutions or additions to the dish you’ve selected.
The per person price for each dish ranges from $8 to $14, depending on the dish itself, portion size, the number of individuals, the frequency of orders, (i.e. several meals a week, two meals every week for three months, etc.), and how far in advance the order is placed.


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