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Staff Meals - Seafood

Fall/Winter Menu - Seafood
the cook tilapia seared with pretzel bread crumbs
then baked and served with grilled seasonal vegetables.
the cook salmon seared with mediterranean couscous and seasonal vegetables, or an asperagus, pine nut and parsley rice salad
the cook mahi mahi seared with coriander, tomato sauce served with fettuccine and lime butter
the cook shrimp pasta with saffron tomato, onion and garlic, white wine and served with linguini pasta
the cook shrimp la veracruzana, a shrimp stew with tomatoes, peppers, onions, olives, oregano, and cilantro, chile hueros, served with wild rice
the cook curry shrimp salad, seared shrimp with carrots, broccoli,
dressed with oregano, lime and olive oil


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