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Staff Meals - Salads

Fall/Winter Menu - Salads
the cook penne pasta and shredded chicken breast with yellow squash, zucchini, red pepper and grated Asiago cheese.
the cook chicken salad with shaved endive, baby spinach
watercress and sun dried tomato, and served with ciabatta roll
the cook chicken salad
shredded chicken breast with red onion, yellow wax beans, asparagus, sherry tomatoes, mayo, tarragon and parsley
the cook quinoa
with chorizo, chicken breast, fingerling potatoes and bell peppers. served with ciabatta and /or harvest twist
the cook orzo salad
kalamata olives, feta, grape tomatoes and marjoram
the cook angel hair pasta salad
with shiitake mushrooms, chicken and a crème poblano sauce.
the cook spicy thai pasta
with beef tenderloin and cilantro


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