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Staff Meals - Chicken

Fall/Winter Menu - Chicken
the cook lemon rosemary grilled chicken breast
on a bed of roasted onions, fennel and fingerling potatoes.
the cook herbes de provence grilled chicken breast
with mediterranean couscous and seasonal vegetables
the cook crispy chicken
a panko crusted chicken breast, baked and served with a seasonal vegetable rice side
the cook mexican chicken
chicken breast with choice of mole sauce or tomatillo sauce
and mexican rice consisting of seasonal vegetables, tomato and cilantro.
the cook chicken curry with coconut milk, lemongrass and ginger
and served with rice.
the cook roasted portobello cups with chiahuahua cheese, chicken,
and lime vinaigrette. served with sautéed napa cabbage and bacon
the cook chicken fajitas
chicken fajitas with red peppers, onions, carrots and cajun spice. served with tortilla and mexican rice


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