The greatest animal in creation: the animal who cooks.

Soups & Stuff

Made from scratch using the freshest ingredients, all the items below make hearty additions to our meals, and many of them can be a meal in themselves. What our “stuff” consists of varies from season to season. Quiches, for example, are offered in spring and summer, while potpies take their place when cooler weather prevails. By popular demand, our chili is available all year around.

the cook chicken noodle the cook carrot
the cook tomato the cook mushroom
the cook butternut squash the cook curry sweet potato
the cook market noodle the cook black bean
the cook potato leek the cook onion
the cook pinto bean the cook chard/sorrel
the cook green lentil the cook corn
the cook asparagus the cook roasted sunchoke
the cook chickpea the cook red potato with bacon and thyme
the cook chicken coconut the cook cannelloni bean
The soups listed above are all non dairy.
Soup and Sandwich
the cook Coordinate the choice of a hearty soup and selection of sandwiches and the selection of sandwiches from our box lunch menu.
the cook Beef, turkey, chicken or vegetable. 
Enjoy with homemade cornbread: two pieces of cornbread for $1.30.
Pot Pie
the cook Chicken $ 10.95
the cook Turkey $10.95
the cook Lobster $ 15.95

Soups $12.95* per quart / $6.95* per pint    
Soup and Sandwich For soup and half sandwich: $9.95*
For soup and full sandwich: $ 11.50*
Chili $12.95* per quart / $6.95* per pint    


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