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A smiling face is half the meal.
Ted  the cook

The Cook’s Philosophy

Nutritious and delicious, always. Organic, seasonal and local, whenever possible.

Having spent my life in the rigorous study and passionate pursuit of great food and inspired cooking, I’ve gained a unique perspective regarding how food can and should fit in our lives and the life of our planet.

As The Cook, my passion is in putting that perspective to work to bring flavorful, healthful, heartfelt meals to your table.

I’m a passionate proponent of the slow food movement’s philosophy, recognizing and respecting the “strong connections between plate and planet.”* From the resources I cultivate and the food products I choose, to the equipment and cooking techniques I use, as well as the business practices I employ, I strive to be responsible and respectful, while always preserving the joy that great food inspires.

Buzzwords like organic, sustainability, carbon footprint and biodiversity get bandied about all the time in the culinary world. But walking the walk means making many small, tangible choices every day with these goals in mind. While the term “green” is in danger of becoming a cliché, I actively subscribe to and advocate the concept this term represents. In all that we do, we lean green.

In the big picture, each meal is a moment within a never ending cycle that touches the planet, as well as those who produce and transport our food, prepare the meal, and those who enjoy the pleasures of the table. My hope is to make every phase in that cycle as responsible, enlightened and pleasurable as possible for everyone—and everything—that is affected. 

*From the philosophy statement on the Slow Food® website.


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