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The greatest animal in creation: the animal who cooks.
the chef - Ted Georgeson

The Cook's Tale

My name is Ted Georgeson, and I’m The Cook. My entire life has been a remarkable gustatory and culinary journey. Throughout my childhood, I was steeped in the kitchen and customs of a second-generation Greek-American family, complete with Sunday gatherings featuring old- world inspired meals. My love of food and cooking was seeded early and often, and continued throughout my formative years, as I became an ardent student of healthful eating.

As a teen, I was really into sports, and it was then that I made the connection between good nutrition and good results on the field. During this time, I also worked washing dishes and bussing tables at my father’s restaurant. I didn’t realize it then, but this was the beginning of a lifelong course in the nutritional, culinary and business aspects of the food and hospitality industry. Throughout my college years and as a young adult, I continued to feed my passion and expand my skills. I held a series of positions in all the intersecting, overlapping aspects of the foodservice industry, and began traveling more and more in culinary circles.

My lifelong involvement with the passions of the palate never waned, even when my career path veered into the world of business. During this time, I devoted myself to cooking for my family and I began traveling the world, experiencing the rich and varied cuisines of other cultures and culinary traditions.

Then, ten years ago, I decided to step away from a career in which I had experienced more success than fulfillment. I experienced an epiphany of sorts. All the culinary ingredients that had enriched my life converged and bubbled to the top. The writing was on the kitchen wall. This, I realized, was the moment to fully embrace my lifelong, consuming passion for food and cooking. I seized the opportunity and privilege to study and serve—wearing several hats—under the tutelage of Charlie Trotter and his legendary organization.

My passion and skills grew exponentially during those eight invaluable “Trotter” years and I remain a devoted student of Charlie Trotter’s approach to the culinary arts. Having enjoyed a life immersed in the world of food, I’ve been inspired to create my own personal cooking and catering business, The Cook, devoted to bringing flavorful, healthful, heartfelt meals to your table, to complete the most memorable events in your life.



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